Chateau d’Ax presents the hair of the future at the Milan furniture fair. The Nanà chair was 3D printed with Breton Genesi.
Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, the Nanà chair designed by STUDIO RED was created with an additive printing system that allows for shortening the prototype creation times and giving maximum design freedom as well as producing unique pieces with very high aesthetic and structural qualities with great attention to sustainability and circularity. Appropriately prepared recycled material was used for the realization and at the end of its life the chair can be reused for new prints. This system minimizes consumption by bringing the production process to the highest levels of efficiency, sustainability and precision. Chateau d’Ax has found all the necessary know-how in the innovative Breton Genesi system, which combines artificial intelligence and machine learning and integrates the subtractive system with the additive one, thus evolving 3D printing. Furthermore, by purchasing one of the 75 limited edition pieces, created specifically for the company’s anniversary, you will receive your own digital twin in NFT version via the OpenSea marketplace, this is the one of the first experiment ever in the world of phygital furniture. The NFT of the Nanà chair represents the digital version copy of the physical product and certifies its originality as well as its ownership. Chateau d’Ax on OpenSea: click here Nanà chair NFT on OpenSea: click here